Monday, September 7, 2009

Support Healthier School Lunches TODAY!

Slow Food USA is sponsoring a National Day of Action (today, September 7, 2009) which includes hundreds of "eat-ins" (a.k.a. pot lucks) all across the country. You can log in to their website to sign a petition to improve school lunches, spread the word, or attend an eat-in.

I heard about this too late to attend an eat-in; if I hear of more in the future I will try to get the word out sooner! Labor day was full of activity (including a health care reform rally in the Boston Commons) and you can't be all places at once.

Keep an eye out for the Child Nutrition Act, which has to do with the National School Lunch program and will be up for "reauthorization" at the end of the month. Civil Eats had a recent blog post on the topic which really drives home the urgency and timeliness of this issue!

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