Thursday, September 3, 2009

Health Reform Update: Congress Resumes

What has happened to health reform? 

If you are like me, you are wondering if this "deep sigh" of health reform silence will turn into a coma or a comeback. Will health reform get its much needed second-wind? The New York Times today reported that President Obama hopes to create momentum in Congress for health care reform as senators and representatives return from their roller-coaster of an August recess. Obama will be focusing his speech on bipartisan points of agreement (though it may be up for debate whether any really exist). Here are a few that the article notes:
  • Regulation of health insurance companies to eliminate denials in coverage based on medical history or current condition.
  • Creation of federal subsidies to make insurance affordable to financially vulnerable, low-income populations.
...Did anyone else notice that this is a fairly short list?

It's no surprise that the Times reporters began comparing this speech to the one given by Bill Clinton 16 years ago. 

On a much brighter note I get to follow this story as it develops over the next few months -- mandated Times reading courtesy of my reporting on politics and policies class. Boy, am I excited!!

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