Friday, August 1, 2008

About Veritas Health

The Veritas Health blog began as an experiment in new media and public health communication in the summer of 2008. Its goal is to inform, inspire, and communicate news and controversies in public health related to public policy, global health, nutrition and physical activity. 

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About the Author

Katelyn Mack is the founding and primary contributor Veritas Health. She recently completed her Master's degree at the Harvard School of Public Health in the Department of Society, Human Development, and Health. Her passion for improving population health by investigating social and economic influences on health and behavior is constantly increasing. She believes that translating the latest research for use in policy-making and public health practice is critical to improving the health of our nation and peoples around the world.
Aside from Veritas Health, Katelyn founded a community blog with several other HSPH students called Society and Health, which merged with the Harvard School of Public Health Connection, another HSPH student blog. She also has a food blog, TastyKate that chronicles her passion for delicious, healthy and affordable food.

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