Monday, August 31, 2009

One Year of a Public Health Blog!

August came and went so quickly that I hardly even realized that there is an anniversary to celebrate -- one year of Veritas Health, my beloved public health blog. I started Veritas Health because I could not find anything on the web like it. Individuals just didn't seem to be writing about their public health experiences or ideas on the web! Now I not only have a public health blog, but am Co-Editor at the new HSPH Connection blog and have a Twitter account (which is in dire need of followers...)!

More recently I have noticed a flurry of internet public health activity. Departments of Public Health have Twitter accounts and even CEOs of large hospitals have their own blog. This public health and new media thing is really beginning to catch on.

Nonetheless, it would be inaccurate ignore that Veritas Health was also a way for me to chronicle my own public health journey. One that is far from complete. This week I begin my second year at Harvard School of Public Health. I am excited to be taking classes in communication (*hopefully*) and financial management at the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard School of Education, as well. I look forward to broadening my graduate school horizon and learning from professors and students not immersed in public health themselves.

I hope my readers will be patient with me as school ramps up, it is likely that posts will become a bit more infrequent (though I promise to still regularly post...whatever that may mean). I have lots of ideas and a Veritas Health New Year's resolution list to achieve!
Happy Anniversary Veritas Health.

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