Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Veritas Health: Back from Hiatus?

Life has never been busier. With school work, classes, legislative events, teaching, and flying around the country Veritas Health has gotten short shrift. Sorry to all my readers! And this has come at a terrible time -- Health care reform has passed, been signed into law, been revised, and signed again! The School Nutrition Act in Massachusetts has been passed by the Senate and will likely make its way to the Governor's Office for a signature this year. And the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act (...the one that sets prices for school breakfast and lunch reimbursement and sets school food standards) is back on the table in Congress with the introduction of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

With all of this (not to mention the start to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution series)...I feel I should have written dozens of posts on the news and controversies in health and nutrition!

I know, I'm behind. But maybe you can catch me up. Send me interesting articles and perspectives on any of the topics I listed or others...I'll try to comment and post them regularly.

The dust is beginning to settle here in Boston (in no small part due to the barage of rain we've had in March). I'm slowly getting back to a healthy routine (exercise: good, sleep: good) and so I look forward to posting more often this 'Spring 2'. For who knows what my schedule may be like come June.

I've got to enjoy the freedom to blog while I still have time and lots to talk about!

~Kate M

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