Sunday, February 21, 2010

Embrace Life PSA (Video)

How often do you wear your seatbelt? If you live in California, chances are you wear your seatbelt every day (a 2007 survey found that 92% of Californians wear their seatbelt). Having lived in California, I am pretty sure that people wear seatbelts because chances are you will get pulled over if you (or someone else in your car) is not wearing a seatbelt. I know that all too well.

But if you live elsewhere in the country, you might not wear your seatbelt. Or maybe you wear it occassionally. In North and South Dakota only 58% of residents wear a seatbelt.

Yet, how do you communicate the importance of seatbelt safety? Everyone knows they should wear their seatbelt. But many just don''s too uncomfortable, it's a hassle, i'm only driving a short won't happen to me.

People make excuses.

Well, take the time to watch this *short* 90 second PSA from Essex, UK. It might make you think differently next time you get into the car.

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