Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Good Sheet

I hadn't heard of
GOOD magazine until walking into Starbucks yesterday. To my surprise, I noticed a small brochure of sorts on newspaper media entitled "Good: Health Care". It is the second in a series of "Good Sheets" aimed at exploring major issues facing Americans during this election season including health care, clean energy, and education. The Good Sheet on Health Care provides an overview of the US health care system and gives some facts on how much the US spends on health care compared to other developed countries, where the money comes from, history of the health care system, and strategies that could help mend the health care mess. If you're stopping by Starbucks in the next couple days, pick one up! Otherwise, you can just follow either of the links above and get the information online. It's easy to read and pretty informative. You can even see where Obama and McCain agree (and of course, disagree) on how to bring about systemic change in the different topic areas.

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