Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Changing the Paradigm for Healthy Eating: The NEW food pyramid

1 in 5 Americans is currently overweight or obese. This constitutes a serious health problem. Many Americans know that obesity is an issue that must be confronted, but despite public health efforts little has been achieved in curbing this epidemic. Have we, as a nation, lost our understanding of what it is to live well? How can those working in public health make a difference? What policies can we support? What marketing campaigns can we promote? What programs can we implement that will effectively halt this rapid epidemic?

One great educational tool for how to choose a "well-balanced diet" has been the government's Food Guide Pyramid. However, the original version proved to be misleading and inaccurate (the influence government lobbyists, perhaps?). Harvard researchers have revised this outdated tool with a Healthy Eating Pyramid using the best current science. It emphasizes eating vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins (fish, beans, etc) and exercising regularly. Check it out -- and let it replace any lingering influence that the old food pyramid has on your eating habits.

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stevie6g said...

I feel like the underlying problem with our obesity in this country is no sense of self worth. I think this is the real root of all of our problems, for the most part as a country I believe we have very little esteem for ourselves. I believe this leads to most of our problems. I think the way to get to overall health is for us to actually start to love ourselves. If you think about it, this is why the divorce rate is so high, it's also what feeds corporate greed, you can go on and on with what low or no self esteem can cause. Most people don't know themselves, they don't look inward enough. If we can solve the esteem problem (good luck with that huh?)I think it would go a long way for overall health in the country. Just Sayin'

I like that you express yourself, I'll continue to be a fan of your blog and dreams.

-Steven Ball