Tuesday, November 10, 2009

APHA Day 2: Exhibit Explorations

After two hours of perusing the hundreds of booths and five blisters later, I made my way through most (though notably, not all) of the exhibits housed in the Philadelphia Convention Center for the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. The exhibits promote health and educational products, provide information on the latest medical and online technologies, share program activities and job information, and highlight academic programs in the public health arena.

Here are a few photos of my favorites.

Choosy Kids - a promotional product and education service that uses a character, Choosy, to encourage physical activity and healthy eating among kids. They even sell CD's.

T-fal ActiFry -- free samples of granola and french fries that used a fraction of the typical amount of oil to cook crisp. It cooks food crisper than the oven and doesn't require a deep fry!

PharmaJet - a needle-less injection system that hooks right up to the normal medicine bottle. No more pricks! The medicine is injected by force alone through the skin. Crazy!

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