Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Series on Sex Trafficking in Central America

Many of you know that most of my latest research has been in the area of victimization and sexual health of victims of sex trafficking across the globe. I have the privilege of working with brilliant team of researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health that have started this work in Indian (Mumbai) and have expanded to include projects in Southeast Asia and now, Latin America.

On Sunday I leave for a 3.5 week trip to Central America to meet with several non-governmental and government organizations that are providing counseling services, medical care, or housing to victims of sex trafficking or trying to prevent this awful practice through social marketing campaigns or policymaking.

The majority of my time will be spent in Managua, Nicaragua. Arguably the poorest country in Central America and a source country for many trafficking victims. Then I will travel to San Jose, Costa Rica. I expect there to be quite a contrast in terms of resources, services, and trafficking awareness in the two countries.

I will be returning June 30th.

Stay tuned for my posts from the field. I will try and update you as to my whereabouts and observations as I travel. (Subscribe to the RSS feed or become a 'follower' to get my latest posts).

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